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Specialty Wire

Mount Joy Wire Corporation excels at producing wire for a specific need or unique application, in sizes as fine as .002″. Although there are many characteristics MJW can provide, the end uses are very specific, and generally the wire is custom engineered for those uses. Companies requiring non-commodity type wire are encouraged to provide specifications or other information to MJW for quotation and/or product development.

Mount Joy Wire is proud to offer a large selection of wire and wire products. We provide our customers with Proven Manufacturing Versatility. Meeting our customer’s needs is our top priority, and we employ the latest technologies to meet that goal.

What our full range of capabilities can mean to you

  • Fine Sizes – As fine as .002″ from our starting point as large as .250″”.
  • Chemistries – From Low Carbon Steel (C1002) to High Carbon Steel (C1095), plus Chrome Silicon (9254).
  • Tensile Strengths – 1% seam restricted, ranging from Annealed Low Carbon with tensile strengths under 40,000 PSI to Hard Drawn High Carbon with tensile strengths over 500,000 PSI.
  • Tolerances – Meet or exceed all industry standards. Will manufacture to customer restricted tolerances.
  • Plating – Corrostan ™ (Electro-Galvanize) – drawn or post plated Zinc.
  • Packaging – Steel Reels, Wood Reels, Reelless Cores, Coils, and Spools. We can adapt packaging to suit most customer requirements.
  • Shapes – Die-drawn and rolled shaped wire. Rectangular, square, teardrop, flat, hexagonal, etc.