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Scott Badger: LPGA Tournament Volunteer


Like so many of his colleagues at Mt. Joy Wire, CFO Scott Badger likes giving back. His latest volunteer assignment was as a member of the Disability Services Committee for the highly successful 70th LPGA 2015 U.S. Women’s Open Tournament at the Lancaster Country Club from July 6 through 12 that drew about 135,000 spectators.

Scott, who is a golfer and who was among some 2,500 volunteers for the seven-day event, worked in a special tent that provided electric powered scooters for visitors to use on their own during the tournament, or other transportation to take them to a particular location.

“People were amazed that there was no charge for the scooters or transportation. For me, it was fun to interact with patrons and visitors during my shifts. The tent was open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the three days of practice rounds and four days of the tournament. Everyone really appreciated the LPGA for doing this.”

He said he also enjoyed being a part of the committee through which he met a number of new people. “I knew the chairman, which is how I got involved in the first place.” His other volunteer efforts include coaching youth sports and supporting Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Challenger Little League.

Scott said the tournament was very successful and he wouldn’t be surprised if another one wasn’t held in Lancaster in the near future.

The LPGA reported that 1,873 golfers were entered in this first major golf tournament held in Central Pennsylvania. The purse totaled $4.5 million for this oldest open held for women professionals and amateurs. Korean pro In Gee Chun won by a stroke after a thrilling playoff and received the top prize of $810,000.

President Ty Krieger said everyone at Mt. Joy Wire is obviously proud of Scott. “He certainly reflects the spirit of giving back among all of our people who volunteer to make the Susquehanna Valley a better place to live and work.”