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Mount Joy Wire Corporation Announces Four Key Management Changes

Mount Joy Wire Corporation, a leading Lancaster County and fully American manufacturer of specialty steel wire, announced four key management changes that will strengthen its ability to serve global customers and commitment to environmental, health and safety, and sustainability.

The changes announced by President Ty Krieger include promotions for Ed Hollock, Wernersville, Pa., to Technical Services Manager and Matt Tipping, Quarryville, Pa. to Process Control Manager, and the appointment of Brandt Rosche’, Mount Joy, Pa., to Quality Assurance Specialist and Steve Weems, Mount Joy, to Environmental Services Technician.

Hollock will be responsible for working and collaborating with customers on quality, research and development and new product development. He will also work to further enhance Mount Joy Wire’s new shop floor data collection system to improve in house tracking of material, scheduling of orders, and on-time delivery.

He joined the company in 1998 as Quality Manager and held that position for 5 years. He then worked for Nelson Steel Products as a Plant Engineer and Kalas Manufacturing as a Process and Quality Engineer. He rejoined Mount Joy Wire in 2013 and since then, has been responsible for the design, training, and implementation of Mount Joy’s custom shop floor data collection system.

Hollock, a graduate of Wilkes University where he received his BS in Materials Engineering, supervises the Process Control Manger, Director of Quality, Quality Specialist and Environmental Services Technician and reports to General Manager Jon Stine.

Tipping, who joined Mount Joy Wire in 2004, has been a customer service manager and assistant manager, a supervisor and specialist in various manufacturing departments and, lastly, an environmental technician.

He will be responsible for spearheading quality improvement initiatives, upgrading the safety and increasing the efficiency of production processes in all of the company’s departments, managing laboratory technicians and supervising the wastewater treatment plant.

Rosche’ as Quality Assurance Specialist oversees the internal and external quality of the company’s products and reports to Hollock. Rosche’ previously worked for Auntie Anne’s and American Axle & Manufacturing. He has a BS in Industrial Technology from Millersville University.

Weems, who attended the College of Professional Studies, Villanova, Pa., is responsible for Mount Joy Wire’s environmental health and safety, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing and green initiatives, including sustainability.

Weems previously worked as a project manager for ABM Industries, Malvern, Pa., and as operations manager for ITW’s Thielex Division, Somerset, N.J.

For 25 years, Mount Joy Wire has been a manufacturer of spring wire, oil tempered wire and specialty wire for the agricultural, aerospace, architectural, automotive, building products, construction, household goods, manufacturing, marine, medical, oil and gas, and recreational industries. Their flagship music wire product, AmeriCoatTM, is known for its quality and resistance to material degradation. The company manufactures all wire products in their Mount Joy, Pennsylvania facility and ships to customers across the globe.